Poker forums online were swamped with poker players from all over the globe expressing their disappointment with the decision made by the Alderney Gaming Control Commission.

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The AGCC that had suspended the license of Full Tilt Poker on the 29th of June 2011 had stated that they would conduct a public hearing for this issue. When the hearing started off at the London´s Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, the early proceedings of the evening changed the course of the hearing. The AGCC agreed to the plea placed by Full Tilt Poker and its legal representatives and agreed to adjourn the meeting for the present and set a date of not later than the 15th of September 2011. The AGCC also gave into Full Tilt Poker’s plea to have the hearing in private.

Prior to these events the statements issued by the AGCC were “to make public evidence from both AGCC and Full Tilt regarding the suspension of Full Tilt’s license and to adjudicate the findings transparently.” André Wilsenach, the Executive Director of AGCC, had added “AGCC’s choice to hold a public hearing in to the future of Full Tilt Poker demonstrates our willingness to act transparently and we will welcome members of the public and the media. As ever at all times, our primary concern is the protection of the player.”

In a complete turn of events, the AGCC gave into the plea stated by Martin Heslop to have the meeting in private since it related to several details regarding the company and it would reveal sensitive information regarding the past and the future that could jeopardize the company’s stand. Full Tilt’s lawyers also claimed for this to be in the interest of the AGCC. The AGCC agreed to this request and has adjourned the meeting, which will be taken up later.

The AGCC justified this move stating that it would be in the interest of the players if Full Tilt Poker is able to find good standing commercial investors in the future so that they might receive their funds in return. And so, in order to let the company have negotiations for the future the AGCC has made such a decision.

There is no doubt that Full Tilt Poker US players are angry towards the AGCC and towards the decision made, since they wanted the proceedings to be held transparent as mentioned earlier. It would be good for the players to know that the AGCC did not immediately agree to this request proposed by the FTP, but due to the lack of co-operation from the FTP lawyers they ended up making this decision.

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