After the shutdown of the world’s largest poker websites by the FBI, Full Tilt Poker still has not given back the payments due to its players. There have been heated discussions going on at well-known poker forums such as the 2+2 forum where the spokesperson of Full Tilt Poker “FTPDoug” has lately responded to the queries of all the eagerly awaiting players.

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According to the Full Tilt Poker spokesperson, since the FBI shutdown of the website, “Full Tilt has faced many challenges and obstacles trying to ensure the smooth operation of its international business and returning US players their funds.” The site also stated that the work involved with ironing out these issues is in progress and definite efforts have been put in on both accords. Full Tilt Poker’s offshore operations are continuing to be regular and their concentration is now on secure and structured repayment of its American player’s funds.

The spokesperson also profusely apologized for the issues faced by the players because of this delay. The spokesperson also added that Full Tilt Poker will definitely make sure that all the funds will be returned and that it will keep all the players posted on a regular basis when they hear more.

However, among all the doubts and the confusion that the players have had, a main concern is about the future of their Full Tilt Poker points. To answer this, the spokesperson has mentioned that Full Tilt’s US operation will be soon open for US players. Although, the minute details have not been sorted out as yet, there is definitely a way that the remaining player points can be put to use. Full Tilt Poker anticipates all the facilities to be available for American players except for bonuses or tickets. When the operation reopens, Full Tilt will give the players a prior intimation.

As with regard to settling the American players’ accounts, every promotion amount has been given back, which includes take 2 tournament leaderboards, cash back and Ftops satellite challenge payments.

So far, Full Tilt Poker has brought about some changes which include the conversion of tickets – which is moving steadily but surely through the coming week. US poker players will also be happy to know that the pending amounts in terms of Rakeback will be given out in the coming week, after all the money in terms of purchases have been refunded.

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