The only news that is on the poker network right now is with regards to Full Tilt Poker’s status highlights. While the site has been put through a lot lately they are still hanging in the balance after having gotten the license suspended recently based on the suspension faced by the AGCC – Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

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Full Tilt Poker now owes hundreds of millions to players and companies throughout the world, and their finances are not looking so good. Firms who have come up to refinance this site have started reconsidering their approach already and hence the rumors about purchases are getting heated up.

During their good days, Full Tilt Poker was represented by a great team of professional poker players. Names like Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson make the list. But now this Full Tilt Poker Team has also slammed the site by charging them with a $150 million in a recent lawsuit. They haven’t got paid and that is their problem.

This lawsuit has triggered several other good poker players on the poker network to comment and opinionate what they think about this scenario. Tony G, a professional poker player, stated that “The deal on the table is to sell what they can and let the rest go busto [sic]. Somebody will pick this up and Howard [Lederer] will be a new part owner. The authorities and poker community should not allow the gang powered by Ray and Howard to get away with this fraud.”

The news is that the Full Tilt Poker is going to have trouble on a regular basis now and that Irish lawyers have got involved in the whole thing and the site has been asked to either declare bankruptcy or pay up their dues.

Tom Dwan, who is another professional poker player admitted that his opinion is that Full Tilt Poker will not be able to pay up and they will not be able to find a financer or buyer, and apparently a few other poker professionals also think the same.

If the site is unable to find a buyer or pay its dues then it will be facing real trouble, and whatever is coming will anyway set in if they do agree that they are bankrupt and cannot pay. Hence, it is best in the interest of Full Tilt Poker to not drag this out and end it at the earliest.

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