Full Tilt Poker, which was recently re-launched by its new owner The Rational Group after a break of nearly one-and-a-half years, is now employing once again. When the US federal government cracked down on Full Tilt Poker in mid May last year, the online poker room withdrew from the US market, but continued offering online poker services to international players. However, it was unable to refund its US players, owing to which it lost its licenses and was forced to pull down its shutters.

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Recently, The Rational Group, the parent company of PokerStars, acquired Full Tilt Poker as part of a settlement deal signed with the US government and re-launched it as a brand separate from PokerStars in the European market. As part this deal, PokerStars paid the US a sum of $731 and promised that it will not appoint Full Tilt Poker’s previous owners in its board of directors. PokerStars also promised to refund Full Tilt Poker players from the rest of the world within a given deadline while the US Department of Justice (DoJ) took up the responsibility of refunding Full Tilt Poker’s US players.

Recently, Rational FT Services, a new company launched to service Full Tilt Poker, announced that it is hiring people for its offices in Cherrywood Industrial Park, Dublin. The jobs are related to content management, information technology, engineering, data analysis, finance, and others.

According to a spokesperson, the number of posts at Rational FT Services has gone up to 200 from 175 recently. Confirming that the company is indeed recruiting, he said, “We have a number of remaining open positions that we are seeking to fill.” The Rational Group has around 1,500 employees all over the world. It has obtained its online poker and online gaming licenses in the Isle of Man.

Full Tilt Poker had gone through a lot of difficulties following the federal government crackdown of mid May last year. Preet Bharara, the US attorney for New York Southern District, accused Full Tilt Poker shareholders and executives of cheating its poker players. Pocket Kings Consulting and Pocket Kings, both companies associated with Full Tilt Poker, were also sued.

Since Full Tilt Poker was accused of being a Ponzi scheme and could not refund its US players, it lost its Alderney Gaming Commission license and had to pull down its shutters. However, Raymond Bitar, former CEO of Full Tilt Poker, pleaded not guilty.

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