Recent reports indicate that Full Tilt Poker might be in for a breakthrough on account of a probable deal with European investors.

Full Tilt Poker attorney Jeff Iffrah, who has been providing news updates regarding the status of Full Tilt Poker has stated that, “The game plan is that within the next two weeks, this deal will close, and the number one feature of it is for players to get paid back. The investor is aware of that and everyone knows that’s the critical material term. Without that term, the deal won’t happen.”

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There were rumors regarding European investors being interested in Full Tilt Poker since its shut down, and now these rumors have been confirmed, while Full Tilt Poker has cleared the air stating that it is not any of its competitors that have bought or might buy out the site, but rather some European investors from the Finance sectors who might seal the deal soon.

Jeff Iffrah also said that the Full Tilt Team is concerned about returning the money to the players and hence they are working out the details of this deal. Full Tilt Poker owes US internet poker players over $150 million for their accounts with the site.

Till the deal is done and the document is made public for all to see, no one would know or believe Full Tilt Poker and its true intentions. The players, who have already given up on their money, do still have some hope, and if this news is a piece of farce then it will just anger these players even more. Full Tilt Poker has recently faced several indictments along with some class legal suits that have been placed by some of the high profile frustrated internet poker players. Full Tilt Poker cannot afford to make such announcements and then go back on their word regarding paying their players. If so, the Full Tilt Brand will be tarnished.

After having been shut down by the United States Department of Justice, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the ARJEL in France, Full Tilt Poker should not take its chances at shooting stars. It would be better for them not to comment on any of the recent developments till most of them are sealed and confirmed.

It is indeed difficult to establish a brand once it has been slated as trouble, especially in the online world. When a lot of money is involved in any kind of an establishment it is best to keep others on blinders till everything has been confirmed so that there are no repercussions later.

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