Full Tilt Poker has been facing a series of lawsuits and most of the US players are completely against this site. Another lawsuit has been filed against Full Tilt Poker and this time it is two Canadian players Zyan Jetha and Donald Whelan who have done this. Earlier this month, these two players filed this lawsuit and have chosen to represent themselves and a few others in order to stand for some of their money to be returned to them by Full Tilt Poker.

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In all, after Black Friday, Full Tilt owes over $1.5 million to players. This lawsuit increases that amount and it is just another hurdle in the way of Full Tilt’s recovery.

This lawsuit has listed many things against Full Tilt Poker and its parent company Tiltware, and against some individual players Howard Lederer, Raymond Bitar and Nelson Burtnick, two of whom have already been indicted after the events on Black Friday.

Full Tilt has been in trouble for a long time now and earlier this year there was another lawsuit filed by Todd Terry who represented himself and “a nationwide class of Full Tilt account holders residing in the United States.” against Full Tilt. This lawsuit also mentioned Bitar and Burtnick and Team Full Tilt. Phil Gordon escaped through this lawsuit since he proved he was not part of the management at Full Tilt as rumored.

Full Tilt also had its license suspended by the AGCC and another organization following the AGCC’s move to suspend its license in order to operate in the Europe as well. Since then players are unable to access this site and retrieving their funds is out of the question. AGCC’s hearing is postponed till September but Full Tilt has agreed to pay £250,000 that is considered as unpaid license fees to the AGCC. The sources for these funds were rumored to be European investors, but there is no confirmation on this piece of news yet.

The way things are going for Full Tilt as well as for other online poker sites, it seems that a silver lining is nowhere to be seen, while the fate of online poker is still dangling in the balance, so is the fate of several professional poker players and their funds that even if returned are going to be taxable as announced by the American Treasury and its rules and regulations recently.

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