Until a week ago, rumour and the general expectation of the poker community had it that Full Tilt Poker was either dead, dying or slinking away into the sunset with the money of its ex players. After all, with no news of Groupe Bernard Tapie buying up Full Tilt Poker for the 80 million dollars, it was assumed that Full Tilt Poker was a goner.

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There were also reports of Full Tilt Poker settling for a 35 million deal, but there have been no reports of whether this deal went through or was not taken up.

However, a recent advertisement on the Pocket Kings site, which is in fact a subsidiary of the Full Tilt Poker site, announced that it is looking to hire a lot of people immediately. “Pocket Kings is hiring and has an urgent requirement for experienced multilingual Customer Service reps. With an attractive salary, these 2-3 month contract roles may become permanent and offer an exciting opportunity to join a vibrant and energetic company,” the ad said.

When Full Tilt Poker was going through a crisis, several people in the Pocket Kings company in Dublin either quit or lost their jobs. Now, they have announced that they are rehiring bringing up the possibility that Full Tilt Poker is going to rise up again.

Another indicator that Full Tilt Poker might be planning on opening again, is that Orinic – another subsidiary of Full Tilt Poker has applied for a Category 2 license, that will allow it to handle its customers’ money. The Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC ) is in the process of providing the license and will unless it receives complaints before the end of the week. In its recent independent report and review the Alderney Gaming Control Commission was found to have not revoked Orinic’s license and only suspended it. “The tribunal… did not revoke Orinic’s suspended licence, but imposed a series of stringent conditions which had to be satisfied before Orinic could start trading.”

Now it remains to be seen if Full Tilt Poker is really on the rise or if this is just a sort of litmus test to see if the FTP site will be welcomed once again into the poker industry. If these news reports are greeted with relief and AGCC is not flooded with complaints, it might just mean that Full Tilt Poker has a chance.

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