Full Tilt Poker is still seeing dark days as they recently had their French license suspended by the ARJEL. The reason behind the suspension has been claimed to be the suspension of its license by AGCC.

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The ARJEL is the Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne, a French Gambling Control Body, while the AGCC is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The French Commission decided to suspend the license based on the fact that players are unable to access the FullTiltPoker.fr site on a regular basis, and they want players to be protected against any harm that might come out of the same.

There was some good news for the Full Tilt Poker authorities recently since after it suspension there have been rumors of some unnamed European investors offering to purchase the Full Tilt Poker site. This new investment might help Full Tilt Poker repay their dues to the American players.

The AGCC has stated that they have been discussing reopening Full Tilt Poker to the people in general based on their discussion with the third party that is willing to make an investment. How long these discussions take and when the decision will be made is yet unclear.

While this is the case, Full Tilt Poker is being slammed with harsh comments by poker professionals across the globe for their improper approach towards the case of Phil Ivey and their inability to make payments to US players.

It is inevitable that Full Tilt Poker will try to recover most of its losses in terms of players or money, but how far would their efforts be successful is difficult to say, and hence the representatives of Full Tilt Poker have chosen not to say anything regarding these matters off late.

On the other hand Washington DC is considering legalizing online poker and the first ever online poker game in which wagering would be legal is expected to be released soon. Although it will be a game with low stakes it will be a lottery game, where players will be able to play through a public place on their laptops by linking up to the website.

There have been several events unfolding ever since the Black Friday and most of these events have left a trail of mark on several American lives, and whether these players will ever be able to get back on track again is still hard to say.

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