The US Department of Justice (DoJ) recently alleged that Full Tilt Poker was running a global Ponzi scheme, defrauding its players of millions of dollars. Full Tilt Poker’s recent misfortunes have had an adverse effect on its multi-lingual work base comprising 550 people.

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Pocket Kings, which is a holding of Full Tilt Poker, manages the marketing, customer services and IT for the site. As of now, half of the people employed by Pocket Kings are getting ready to hear the news that they no longer have a job. Since news is not emerging from the horse’s mouth, they are relying on the Internet for the latest information about the company for which they work.

A French employee recently told Reuters during his lunch break Wednesday that they have absolutely no work; they just sit in office idling and spending their time reading poker news on online poker news portals and checking out various points of view on poker forums and message boards. He added that this has been the situation for the past 3 months. The employee, who begs to remain anonymous because he does not have the authority to communicate with the press, further stated that the situation is tense and uncertain, with everybody wondering what is going to happen next.

He also remarked that he is quite unfamiliar with the faces of many people associated with Full Tilt Poker because the distance between the work force and the management was great even when Full Tilt Poker was functioning normally.

According to the US Department of Justice (DoJ), Howard Lederer and Christopher Ferguson, who were on Full Tilt Poker’s professional poker player team, as well as others on the Full Tilt Poker board of directors, stand accused of robbing at least $440 million from loyal Full Tilt Poker players. The name of Raymond Bitar, one of the directors of the fallen poker giant, is also mentioned in the US indictment. Bitar, who is a citizen of both Ireland and US, was observed several times in PocketKings’ Dublin office, but the FTP employees who interacted with Reuters reporters said that they hadn’t seen him for a long time.

Another employee said that nothing has been revealed to them and that they have to rely on blogs, poker websites, and message boards for the latest news.

Reuters was unable to contact Bitar, who was absent from the Dublin office. Even PocketKings refused to receive calls made by Reuters to seek information regarding its association with Full Tilt Poker.

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