The founders of three of the largest Internet poker companies running their businesses in the United States were recently indicted on account of charges like money laundering, bank fraud, and violating gambling laws.

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Three poker giants namely, Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Absolute Poker have been accused of thwarting the 2006 US law commonly referred to as the UIGEA. The terms of this law do not allow financial institutions to handle transactions for online gambling sites. These three sites have been accused of manipulating the system and tricking US banks and credit card companies into processing several transactions that looked like sales of different kinds of jewelry and golf balls on retail sites online. One-third of the money allegedly went to the poker companies as revenue through a fee that they charged to the players for playing each poker hand. In addition to issuing an indictment, the FBI has also seized the sites and closed them down, holding their domain names in custody.

Subsequent to the FBI shutdown of the Full Tilt Poker domain, seizing of the accounts and the arrest of its founder, plenty of US online poker players have been attempting to withdraw their money though Moneybookers. Taking into consideration that several US online poker players are worried about their money being locked down in the given situation – it is a difficult time for the poker industry and US online poker players.

In order to appease its US online poker players, Full Tilt Poker has issued a public statement about the Moneybookers condition.

After receiving notice about the FBI seizing Full Tilt and Pokerstars the previous week, thousands of US poker players rushed to their poker accounts of the respective sites to withdraw their money. They were worried about losing it to the authorities of the US legal body or having it inaccessible to them for a long time. As they attempted to pull out their money through Moneybookers, they realized that they were prohibited from doing so.

Hence Full Tilt Poker has given a statement on the same situation of Moneybookers. “Thank you for your patience; we have made significant progress in resolving the Moneybookers issues with withdrawals. Once complete we will be able to re-enable Moneybookers in the cashier section and will inform players that were affected via a pop-up notification. We apologize for this unseen delay and assure you that all funds are safe and secure. We are working hard and have made this our top priority to resolve.”

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