brought out a report updating the online world with the status of Full Tilt Poker stating that the company has started paying off its debts by clearing $250,000 on its name and paying it to the licensors. It is predicted that the source of funds might be the potentially interested future investors of the company, and those investors might be Playtech, Bwin.Party or 888 Poker. It has been predicted that Full Tilt Poker might be close to making a deal with the future investors soon.

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Leon Daniels from has come to some conclusions based on the events that have been taking place, he says “I’ve mentioned before why companies like 888 would be interested in purchasing Full Tilt Poker. 888 has one of the biggest online poker rooms in the world, and they lost many players to the illegally operated Full Tilt. Now that Full Tilt is no longer active in the Canadian market, it makes sense that 888, a stable and reliable company, would take the opportunity to win back players in Canada, even if it means having to take responsibility for Full Tilt’s infamous debts. This shows just how stable 888 is. It is yet to be confirmed if 888 will invest in Full Tilt, but I certainly hope so.”

He goes on to say that PokerStars might have been the king of online poker before, but right now they are not a potential investor, and although they had started paying players off early, they still have a long way to go when it comes to dealing with the authorities, especially when compared to Full Tilt Poker. Another potential investor looking into Full Tilt Poker is Party Poker, but due to their deals with Bwin Poker they might not be as interested after already having access to a large part of the Canadian online poker market. Although Full Tilt Poker’s financial situation might seem to be improving it is wise to blend in with the already existing and conflict free online poker site such as 888 Poker, or any of the others mentioned above.

PokerStars might have chosen the right path by paying out its players first, but by neglecting the market for such a long time they might be sustaining heavy damage to their business in the future, especially since there are several other sites offering great online poker services to players.

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