One of the biggest gripes players have had with Full Tilt Poker over the last couple years is that the popular poker room does not allow players to convert a non-rakeback account to one with rakeback.The site did try it for a very short time last year, but it became a hassle, so it stopped it quickly.  

Now, however, Full Tilt is giving it another go.Some players found the following e-mail in their inboxes recently:  

“As a valued player on our site, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to receive rakeback on all of your future play at Full Tilt Poker.

Currently this opportunity is only available to a select group of loyal players that have played on our site without the ability to receive rakeback.”

The e-mail then directs the player to an affiliate site where a new rakeback signup can be made.This actually looked very fishy (or phishy) to many at first, as most did not believe that a) Full Tilt would allow current players to get rakeback, and b) the site would send people to an affiliate to do so.It is legitimate, however, as Full Tilt is currently beta testing the new program.

Word is, however, that players whose accounts are already linked to affiliates will not be eligible.Whether or not the program expands past the current testing phase depends on its success or lack thereof.

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