Full Tilt has launched a new VIP scheme that distributes prizes at random to attract recreational players. The new loyalty program is based on The Deal, a brand new game at Full Tilt Poker, and helps casual players gain larger VIP benefits.

The new scheme rewards players with coins instead of the usual Full Tilt Points (FTP). Players can earn a coin each for every dollar they contribute in rake at all cash poker games. These coins can then be used to take part in The Deal, a lottery poker game that distributes rewards at random.

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On Aug 18, Full Tilt made its Players Club the default loyalty program, but players are allowed to switch over to the Edge Rewards Program, which rewards players for real money play in a traditional manner.

According to the rules of The Deal, each player is dealt seven hole cards. Players can discard two of these cards to reveal a five-card hand. If players wish, they can play The Deal automatically instead of manually discarding the cards. Players will then be rewarded according to the strength of the poker hand created, but they should get at least an Ace high to win prizes. These prizes can be tickets to tournaments, cash games, satellites, or $1k freerolls or just some more coins. Lucky players who get a Royal Flush will be directed to a new gaming screen displaying a lucky wheel that yields cash prizes of up to $3k or one of four jackpots.

If a player wins a jackpot, he/she will be given just half of it and the other half will be distributed among players who played The Deal at least once during the last 12 hours. Full Tilt is currently celebrating the launch of its new VIP program by setting the jackpot to $100k and increasing it by $0.03 whenever someone plays The Deal. When the jackpot is won, Full Tilt will reset it to a value of $25k.

Full Tilt has also launched another special called Weekly Windfall, which will give everybody who has played a minimum of one hand for real money a free ticket to a $5k freeroll. Players who win these free tickets for two weeks will win a mystery prize comprising cash prizes of up to $1k, tickets to tournaments, or extra coins.

As part of the scheme, Full Tilt will hold freerolls with free seats to freeroll SnGs and extra coins as prizes.

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