Full Tilt Poker, which will be re-launched on Nov 6, has revealed more details on what players can expect at the newly re-launched online poker room.

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Shyam Markus, room manager for Full Tilt Poker, announced on Friday on Two Plus Two Forums that the online poker room will be launched with a new loyalty program. Players will no longer get the 27 percent rakeback they used to get from their affiliates. They will no longer see the Iron Man promotion, which was once immensely popular. Instead, a simpler system will be launched for the benefit of players.

Although the finer details of the new loyalty program haven’t been revealed, players have already been made aware that the 27 percent rakeback has been replaced by weekly cash bonuses, the size of which will depend on the number of Full Tilt Poker points that players will earn during a given week. Players can claim a bonus of as much as $2.50 for every 100 FTP Points they will earn. The system will be multi-tiered although Shyam Markus has not yet revealed any details of it so far. But he has explained that players can spend their FTP Points in the store without any fee reductions.

FTP Points will be awarded on the basis of the weighted contributed method, and not on the dealt method. This means that players will be given FTP Points based on the percentage of the size of the pot to which they directly contributed.

Although the Iron Man promo will be cancelled, players who were taking part in the Iron Man promo when Full Tilt Poker was shut down will be compensated in a way that FTP is yet to reveal. Markus said that “they will likely get a leg up in the new program from the start.” Black Card players will also be similarly compensated although the Black Card promo may be re-introduced after the site has been re-launched.

Former players of Full Tilt Poker, who were used to the 27% rakeback and the benefits of the Iron Man promotion, will be disappointed. Many also feel that the new system will not be beneficial to new players as they will not be able to contribute as much to the pot as high-stakes players will be able to. Meanwhile, many players are willing to try out the new system and find out how long it will take them to reach the upper levels of the system.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff