Shyam Markus, room manager for Full Tilt Poker, has made a number of important announcements.

Old Full Tilt Poker players in Belgium, Estonia, Spain, France, and Denmark can now request PokerStars, the new owner of Full Tilt Poker, to transfer their funds to their PokerStars account. This is possible because PokerStars is already licensed to operate real money poker services in these countries while Full Tilt Poker is not yet licensed. PokerStars will have to spend not only money, but also time to get a license for Full Tilt Poker in these countries. Italian players will not be able to log into their Full Tilt Poker accounts because PokerStars has not yet reached an agreement with the regulatory body in Italy.

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Players who log into their Full Tilt Poker accounts can now view their accounts even if they are from countries that have not yet regulated online poker. However, US players can neither log in nor view their balance because the DoJ has taken up the responsibility of reimbursing them. Before Nov 6, the day on which Full Tilt Poker will be officially launched, only players in regulated countries can withdraw their accounts.

Players residing in regulated countries need to pair their accounts with their PokerStars account. If they do not have an account at PokerStars, they need to create one first.

In the meantime, Full Tilt Poker has already launched poker games for fun in order to test its software for possible errors. The online poker room has invited players to use the software and provide valuable feedback before the official launch on Nov 6. US players are also welcome to play games for free.

Full Tilt Poker will also offer a number of lucrative promotions to motivate players to start playing for real money at the earliest possible. The Deal Me In Bonus is the most attractive promotion at Full Tilt Poker right now. Based on players’ real money poker activities, they can claim a bonus of up to $200 on or before Dec 2.

The Deal Me In Bonus also comprises a series of 10 freerolls, which will be played every day. These freerolls begin on Nov 6 and will have a prize pool of $1000. The prize pool increases by $1000 daily till Nov 10, and on the last day, Nov 11, the prize pool will become double that of the Nov 10 prize pool, giving players the opportunity to play for $10,000.

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