Fox Poker Club, a well-known poker room in London, shut down unexpectedly this week, much to the shock and bewilderment of its members. An announcement published on its website states, “It is with regret that Genting UK Plc today announces that the Fox Poker Club will cease operation. The Management and Staff of Fox Poker Club would like to thank all of its customers for supporting the venture over the past two years.”

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Chris North and Ian Hogg established the Shaftesbury Avenue Club in 2005 and sold it to Genting UK, the largest casino gaming company in the UK, a year back.

The reactions of Fox Poker Club members to its sudden shutting down are mixed. Many players are unhappy about the unexpected shutdown, and many more have been unhappy ever since the poker club was sold to Genting last year. Poker player Dragon Ash posted on Two Plus Two Forum, “Color me not that surprised. Not only was the place horribly managed since the Genting take-over, sounds like Genting wants to take advantage of their full casino license and turn it into a casino, which I don’t get (there are already two full casinos very close by…).”

Dragon Ash was right. Later, Genting announced that Fox Poker Club has not been shut down for good, but for the purpose of renovation and re-establishment as a small Genting casino in March 2013. Genting issued a press statement, in which it said that it had shut down the poker room for purely financial reasons: “We have carefully reviewed the performance of the Fox Poker Club over the last few months and it has unfortunately become clear that despite offering a dedicated venue and the best efforts of our staff, there is insufficient demand for the club in its current format.”

According to the press statement, Genting continues to retain its poker business in London. The company has also suggested the Mayfair-based Palm Beach and the Genting Casino Cromwell Mint as ideal alternative locations for members of Fox Poker Club. Genting has also updated the Fox Poker Club website to inform members that their tournament tokens and deposits will be transferred to the upcoming Genting Casino Cromwell Mint, where they can redeem their Fox cash chips.

Obviously, Fox Poker Club’s revenue plummeted because it focused on poker alone and was located too close to larger gambling venues such as Golden Nugget, Hippodrome Casino, Casino at the Empire, and Napoleon’s Leicester Square.

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