Fortune Poker, which was launched in 2004, has decided to pull down its shutters after offering real money online poker services for nine long years.

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Licensed in Malta, Fortune Poker is one of the skins on the International Poker Network (IPN). The online poker room has already announced that it will stop functioning on March 31st, but will give players till April 2 to withdraw their online poker funds.

IPN has been going through tough times lately, with player traffic to its cash poker games steadily declining during the last six months. reports that the IPN currently occupies the 26th rank with regard to player traffic and gets a weekly average of 330 real money players.

Last month, PokerKings, another skin on IPN, pulled down its shutters after giving its online poker customers two weeks within which they could withdraw their online poker funds. IPN is expected to meet the same fate that Cryptologic Network met in 2009.

Fortune Poker players are not in danger of losing their online poker funds. However, they may have to wait for a long time to get their money if they fail to withdraw their funds within the given dates. After April 15, IPN will be addressing all payment-related issues. Players can withdraw their funds without any problems till the midnight of April 2.

Fortune Poker has published a notification on its official website stating its reasons for deciding to close down: “With many changes in the online gaming industry, it has been a struggle to continue to support our players and affiliates to the fullest. While we have grown very fond of our Players, Partners and Affiliates – we regret to inform you that Fortune Poker has made the unfavorable decision to close its gaming/poker operations.”

The online poker room has also published a shutdown schedule on its official website. According to this schedule, Fortune Poker will credit VIP prizes, rake race prizes, and rake back to players’ online poker accounts on April 1. This gives players just 24 hours within which they can withdraw their money.

Fortune Poker will pay its partners and affiliates by April 10. The online poker room’s customer support system will be available till April 15, and after April 15, the online poker room will cease to exist. Players who still have unresolved issues with Fortune Poker after April 15 are required to send an email to (for withdrawal issues) and (for gaming issues).

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