Angela Parker, a former emergency nurse, dreams of winning the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.

A 32-year-old poker enthusiast hailing from Houston, she recently turned full-time poker player and regularly plays low-stakes NL Hold’em poker. Her background as an emergency nurse has given her the ability to deal with stress and make quick decisions in the shortest possible time.

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She said: “When you work in ER you never know what is walking through that door. You can’t put enough pressure on me, so somebody river-jamming on me is nothing. There is nothing that can happen to me at a poker table compared to what happened to me in the ER.”

This attitude helps a lot while playing high-variance games, she says while explaining her style of playing. She said: “I’m not afraid to shove all in with king-high.”

Jobs involving a lot of stress and requiring quick decision making abilities have helped people prepare for life as a professional poker player. Those from the financial industry feel quite comfortable playing poker and so do former professional video game players.

Parker learned how to play poker ten years back although she had to take a break from the game because she wanted to focus on her daughter and her job. Last October, she decided to get really serious about the game. She took part in the WSOP for the first time, and this has prepared her to take part in many more live poker events although she failed to finish in the cash in any of the bracelet events.

Her ultimate goal is to become the world’s first female poker player to win the WSOP Main Event. This summer, a lawyer turned out to be the last woman standing in the WSOP Main Event. Kelly Minkin finished in the 29th place and took home a prize of $211,821. In 2012, Gaelle Baumann had finished 10th.

Parker not only aims at winning the WSOP Main Event, but also play more high-stakes cash games. She is one of the several women who have begun taking poker seriously of late. Parker says that her “thick skin” helps her avoid taking things personally at the poker table. She says that it is not that easy to offend her, a helpful attitude to have in the male dominated world of poker.

She advises other female poker players to “just get in there and have fun with it.”

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