There’s a new poker game to play and enjoy using the Zoom app. “Live Game Night Poker” (LGNPoker) provides a new way for people to connect, and that’s through gameplay. If you’re starting to get bored doing virtual meetings as a way to stay connected with your friends, colleagues, family and loved ones, then LGNPoker offers a fun alternative.
The Texas Hold’em game was created by FlowPlay, a Seattle-based company that develops casual games for online communities. LGNPoker was developed in the summer of 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns.
The game was designed for personal groups, where a host invites his or her friends to join the game. This made it initially difficult for FlowPlay to build an audience for it. But Zoom recognized the game’s potential and felt it would be a “perfect fit” for its customers.
Zoom ultimately decided to incorporate the game into its platform, and now its users can fully enjoy the new offering.
Technology & Features
LGNPoker uses video technology which allows players to see each other face-to-face in a virtual environment while the game is in progress, simulating a live poker experience.
The app offers cash games and tournaments which come in either 6-handed or 10-handed tables. The host can choose the buy-in, blind levels, number of starting chips, and overall structure of their chosen game. Those who like cash games can play either No Limit Hold’em or Limit Hold’em with the option to enter multiple games at the same time. Likewise, tournament fans can also play up three tables at once.
Players will essentially be playing for fun, not for real money, but they can use cash to purchase gems which they can then use to buy avatars and other virtual items if they want to elevate the fun and enjoyment.
Gems are also used to purchase room cards which will serve as the players’ ticket to enter cash games or tournaments. Your $6 can already buy 150 gems, but if you want to save big, you can buy gems in bulk. For example, you can get 7000 gems for just $100; that’s equivalent to 65% in savings.
Each room card costs 125 gems. You’ll need to present 1 room card to enter a 6-handed cash game or tournament, while entering 10-handed cash games/tournaments will cost you 2 room cards.
How To Play
LGNPoker is available for download via the Zoom Marketplace. The download process takes less than a minute and the game will quickly appear under MyApps on Zoom once the download has been completed.
The process of inviting friends into a game is similar to how you would invite people to join you in a Zoom meeting. You’re going to send them the room code or URL. Once they’re all in the room, you can launch the game via the Apps section on Zoom. You will then be asked to set up the game, and after that, all participants will be directly taken to the room.
FlowPlay CEO Derrick Morton said they’re really not after the money when they created the app. Their main goal was to build a huge audience for the product, and Zoom will help them make that happen as the video teleconferencing platform currently has 300 million monthly active users across the globe.
The product lead for Zoom Apps & Integrations Ross Mayfield also said the new game offers their customers a new way of staying connected with each other.
If you want to try LGNPoker, you can download the poker app for free in the Zoom App Marketplace. The game does not currently work with the browser-based platform, so make sure you have the downloadable version of Zoom.
Overall, LGNPoker helps promote engagement and interaction among virtual communities in a fun way, but it’s worth noting that the game might not appeal to everyone as there’s some cost involved when hosting a poker game via the app.

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