The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs isn’t going to get its way so easily.Last week, the Ministry announced that it will propose an amendment to the country’s current gambling laws which would allow online gamblers to be refunded their losses, effectively banning online gambling.But now another Ministry, the Ministry of Culture and Sport, has come forward with an opposing proposal.

This one, put forward by the Minister of Culture and Sport, Stefan Wallin, aims to create a state-run online poker room, similar to Sweden’s offering, Svenska Spel.Wallin feels that this would bring tax revenue to the country, which could then be used to “benefit civic society.”Additionally, he feels that a properly regulated online poker room would curb underage gambling; players would have to be at least eighteen years old and would be required to furnish identification.

Kari Paaso, a high ranking member of the Ministry of Social Affairs, does not like the idea of a government-run poker room that accepts only Finns.He feels that they can’t have it both ways.If online gambling is “bad,” then do not allow it at all.If it is not, allow people from all countries to participate, not just those in Finland.

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