According to a reliable source, it has been confirmed that the members of the Team Full Tilt Poker, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard “The Professor” Lederer have recently given up their posts in the board of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA).

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Both Ferguson and Lederer became a part of the million member strong online poker organization back in the year 2006. Lederer said at the time of joining that “Poker is under attack by Congress, and I believe that all poker players should join the PPA and tell Capitol Hill that we do not want the Federal government to ban an American tradition that we love.”

Although, so much has happened over the last few years and things have changed drastically after the FBI shutdown of all the three largest online poker sites functioning in the US, which includes Full Tilt Poker.

Hence, it is quite evident that it is because of the relationship with Full Tilt Poker, that Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard “The Professor” Lederer have stepped down from their positions in the board. Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has been working with Full Tilt Poker from the company’s inception and has even supported in designing its website. And Howard “The Professor” Lederer, has been acting as a consultant for Full Tilt’s mother company, Pocket Kings.

The photographs of both Howard “The Professor” Lederer and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson no longer exist in the Poker Player Alliance’s website.

After hearing this news, the people from the poker world have been giving out their opinions on the same through two plus two forum. Looking at the opinions of all the poker players, it is very obvious that most of them think that the decision made by both Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard “The Professor” Lederer to step down is a wise one.

Bevo54 mentioned that “About time. Having FTP owners on the board of the PPA was a conflict of interest from day 1.”

Stating on the same incident and talking about the team Full Tilt board members’ final decision, areastm_19 said that “Up until Black Friday their interests in a regulated and open US online poker market were fairly aligned with poker players’ interest and they had a lot of money to throw at the collective goal. Obviously, as this move signifies, our current interests may no longer be so closely aligned.”

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