The poker world has another major heads-up battle to watch out for. GGPoker ambassador and Germany’s number one poker pro Fedor Holz will face top online Polish poker pro Wiktor Malinowski in a potential high-stakes HU match.
No further details have been announced yet, but the duo already agreed to take on each other, based on their most recent posts on Twitter.
Holz Keen On Facing Malinowski
Fedor Holz who is one of the best tournament players in the world, recently posted a video on Twitter, saying he’s now accepting Malinowski’s earlier offer to play against him one-on-one, at any stakes he wants. The German poker legend was referring to a challenge issued by Malinowski back in August 2020 on Joe Ingram’s podcast, where he said he’d be willing to face Holz heads-up, and he’d be playing “drunk”.
On the same episode, the Polish poker pro also said he’d like to play against Kevin Rabichow, the winner of the Run It Once Legends Showdown, a heads-up no-limit hold’em competition between six of the world’s top heads-up no-limit pros.
Malinowski was originally slated to participate in the showdown, however he later omitted himself from the challenge mainly because the conditions were below his standards. The Polish pro, known as “limitless” on PokerStars, felt he should be playing higher than the €50/€100 stakes, with other high-level crop of players.
Holz himself also participated in the RIO Legends Showdown, alongside Mikael “ChaoRen160” Thuritz, “MakeBoifin”, Bjorn “AsianFlushie” Li, Pauli “Fillismies” Ayras, and Rabichow who ended up winning the competition for €144,562 after a month of intense online action. Holz was eliminated in the semifinals.
Malinowski’s War Against High-Stakes Regs
Malinowski’s heads-up challenge is not only limited to Holz and Rabichow. He said he’s prepared to take on anyone in the high-stakes poker arena. That declaration led to his ongoing heads-up match against Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov. The action is taking place at $50/$100 tables on PokerStars. The pair have so far completed 13,471 hands out of the 30,000 hands they initially agreed to play.
While Malinowski dominated the early stages of action, Burakov came back with an overwhelming lead, leaving Malinowski with a huge $384,000 deficit. The Russian pro has also been crushing his opponent at an impressive rate of 28.5 bb/100.
Malinowski isn’t ready to quit though, as he reportedly asked to extend the match to 50,000 hands. The 26-year-old, who has made a name for himself in in the online high-stakes arena, is probably rethinking his strategy and working on improving his skills right now to try to recover from such a massive loss, and Holz is adding insult to injury by suggesting it’s the perfect time to get in on the action, before Malinowski loses all of his money to Burakov.
Malinowski Isn’t Backing Off
Malinowski is standing by his earlier pronouncements. He responded to Holz’s tweet and said the German pro can play against him anytime he wants. He also has an additional offer for Holz – he can get his “two best students” to join the battle and Malinowski will play three of them all at the same time, at any number of hands.
Malinowski said he’s ready, so this means both players can now begin discussing the details and conditions of the match and set an official start date afterwards. GGPoker also seems to be an ideal virtual venue for the potential match. Will Malinowski’s bloated self-confidence eventually work for him or will he end up being crushed by his opponents? We will wait and see.
Heads-Up Fever Continues
The Malinowski vs. Holz match is the latest high-profile heads-up battle to emerge after the epic grudge match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu. Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu also recently agreed to battle it out on PokerGo’s High Stakes Duel. Bill Perkins and Landon Tice also said they’ll engage in a high-stakes heads-up battle, though it remains to be seen whether or not that match will come to fruition.

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