February 28th, 2005
All the recent forum poker tournament histories have been posted. Will try to get the other histories on the backburner up later tonight. Edit: It looks like the last hand history is in the new Party Poker format, so I’ll need to wait until work is done on the replayer to support the new format first.
February 17th, 2005
I will be massively busy next month, even more than this month, so I won’t be posting a whole ton in the forums. I will try to light a fire and get as many things posted here before then however, including hand histories, that poker article I keep talking about and also a few other surprises. I do want to mention on the front page a big congratulations to “DDay44” for winning a trip onto the Party Poker Million IV Cruise! Good luck man, and maybe do us a favor and post a trip report when you get back 🙂
In other news, I have thought of a way of adding more content onto this Party Poker Strategy Guide site. Through effort of my own? Not really. The only way I know how – by offering FREE CASH! (OK well, it’s not totally free, but keep listening.) Anyhow, what I’m going to do is offer cash prizes for submitting poker articles to this site to be posted. These must be original articles written by you, so I will Google around to make sure these are indeed not copies.
Here’s the breakdown of what I’m offering for what:
$250.00 for a *comprehensive* beginner’s guide to limit poker: starting hands, good habits, strategy, etc.
$150.00 for a good article explaining position: advantages, disadvantages, usage and examples.
$100.00 for a detailed analysis of pre-flop all-in hands: how well they hold up vs different hands and how to combine this with pot odds and fold equity for use in STT games.
$50.00 for anything neat and informative that you come up with. Be creative.
These prize bounties are first come, first serve – but must be of high quality in order to win! Submissions deemed unsatisfactory will be rejected, while decent articles may be given a chance to re-write. You must also contact me through the forums before you begin on the article as well. All prizes will be paid out to your account on PokerStars. Thanks and good luck to everyone. Hopefully I’ll see some nice submissions 🙂
February 4th, 2005
Just saw that Empire Poker is having a reload bonus of 25% up to $150. Use the deposit bonus code “FEB150“. So combined with their $35 sign-up promo, you can get a $60 bonus on a $100 deposit – not too shabby. (Note that this code has now expired)
February 4th, 2005
This happened last month, but here’s a news snip I thought was kinda cool: “Mike Sexton, Brand Ambassador for Party Poker, won the televised $20k (winner take all) invitation tourney at Crown Casino, Australia beating a table comprising – Marcel Luske, Mel Judah, Scotty Nguyen, Tony Bloom, Harry Dimitrivo. Mike had a long interview after the tourney. It is to be televised on Fox and Discovery.”
Even though a lot of people seem to like Vince Van Patten and Shana Hiatt more than Mike Sexton, Mike has had a pretty big hand in poker in front of the camera and behind the camera as well. I’m glad he won this tourney, as he actually isn’t allowed to make it onto the final table for WPT televised events. Too bad. Cheers to you Mike.
January 31th, 2005
Tonight I will be posting the forum tournament history that JP sent and I will also try to get in an multi-table tournament history that was sent it posted by Wednesday. The history is for a Party Poker Super Monday win, so it should be quite cool to watch. That’s a good chunk of moola to win that tournament.
In other news, or rather a short rant that I want to make, is that there is a correlation that is starting between online poker and onling gaming. I’ve been seeing a lot of gaming sites start putting up gambling ads, partnering or spinning off their own gambling portals. While I obviously don’t have a problem with poker, I do think mixing gambling with games is like being the owner of those pawn shops that setup shop next to a casino. I know, it’s all about the money, but I hope those guys feel just a twinge of guilt for what they do. (/end rant)
January 15th, 2005
Ok, finally uploaded two more Chief911 hand histories, which can be found in the Visitor Histories section on the left menu. Layne Flack and Bill Chen (pro player) are also in this history as well, which makes it pretty interesting.
This is also late to announce, but Party Poker now has single table Step tournaments, which are much faster than the 2-table Step tournaments. Also in regards to one of the poker articles I was going to post, I got half-way through the article and realized that I might not have enough empirical data to go with it. So I decided to test it out in the low limit games ($50+5 STTs and below) and got killed using it. So unfortunately, it seems to be geared much more toward high limits, so I’d actually rather not post the article because it could be quite bad if taken the wrong way (and it could easily be taken the wrong way).
So, yeah, sigh. The articles that most people want are geared toward small stakes, limit poker while I’m best at high stakes, no limit tournament poker. I’ll figure out some poker article to write about, probably about correctly counting outs or something else nice and fundamental.
January 12th, 2005
A bit late, but hope everyone had a Happy New Year! 🙂 Scotty from the forums is now holding what is probably going to be a regular forum tournament on Tuesdays in addition to our somewhat spotty Sunday tournaments. Check the forum out for more details.
I’ve also been notified from the guys at Poker Edge that they will be upping the price on the Poker Edge discount through this site (review page for more details on discount). So, if you haven’t got the software yet but have been meaning to, now would be a good time.
Lastly, I promise the Party Poker multi-table tournament histories sent in by Chief911 will be posted by Saturday.

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