Feb 23rd, 2004
Still alive, but not work done on the Party Poker Hand Replayer yet. In other news, Empire Poker wasn't too thrilled about my last post it seems, so I just removed the pop-ups. I really hate exit pop-ups anyways, because they're always used on spam sites. If you do any kind of poker search, you run across hundreds of pages of junk. That's why I always say, if you're looking for good poker strategy sites, just buy a good book instead.

I also changed the site name to the Party Poker Strategy Guide. Playing guide just sounded a little weird.

Feb 11th, 2004
How can you help the site out? The Party Poker Strategy Guide needs more incoming links! So if you have a webpage or know someone who does and might be into poker, toss one up for us. It'll be much appreciated 🙂

Feb 6th, 2004
Added a commentary into the Visitor Histories page courtesy of Nick – and it's an Omaha game at that 🙂 Good stuff. Also fixed some minor chart errors on the Poker Odds page, with thanks to Jay for pointing it out.

I'm going to be working on the PartyPoker / Online Poker FAQ with some more stuff soon here too. Probably try and start some commentary on some of the $30 PartyPoker SnG tournaments I have lying around. That or I could toss up some $10/$20 ring games where I decided to sit in for a few hours for fun 🙂 In any sense, expect some new stuff going up soon. No due date, I'm bad with them. Just think 'soon'.

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