Federal officials from Baltimore created a case against the almost a dozen US internet poker sites by working against them in s ting operation. Federal officials from Baltimore set up a fake business with these US internet poker sites and they ended up handling $33 million in online transactions from these transactions. This caused the indictment of the ten online poker and betting sites recently.

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On the 24th of May 2011, the US poker community saw another long list of indictments of internet gambling sites where once again 11 accounts were captured in five different countries and ten internet gambling sites were closed down this time.

Even if the operator’s headquarters are based outside the country, it is unauthorized to run online gambling enterprises in Maryland said the US State Attorney Rod J Rosenstein. Hence, they would not permit foreign operators to play with the law just because they are not based within the country.

The indictments of Maryland, that came in at the end of May are a result of a long secret operation by the Homeland Security Investigations at Baltimore, which is a part of U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

A payment processor called Linwood Payment Solutions was created to be used solely to dig into the world of US internet gambling and root out the illegal sites. Linwood Payment Solutions has been described as a ten year old company with 15 people in staff and annual growth of $760000. More than 12 online gambling companies associated with Linwood and processed over $33 million in online transactions in the last two years. According to the Maryland lawmakers this shows the presence of criminal corporations in Maryland and outside their borders.

Through different domain names companies like ThrillX Systems Ltd., owned by David Parchomchuk and Darren Wright, of British Columbia, Canada, and K23 Financial Services renowned as BMX Entertainment, headed by Ann Marie Puig in San Jose, Costa Rica have been indicted with illegal gambling and laundering charges. These companies are based outside the US, but they dealt mostly with American customers and relied on payment processors to transact with their customers, and that according to law is illegal.

The Federal Investigators are reluctant to discuss Linwood, which seems to have been incorporated in Utah according to a business status report, but the officials do say that their personnel had directly contacted top managers of gambling organizations to make payments and associated business deals, which leads these charges to be directly applicable to these companies.

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