Now that Federal authorities in the US have brought the axe down on US poker sites like Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, American players are confused in regards to the future of the online gaming industry in the US. The news that some of the top US poker sites that continued to operate despite the UIGEA are now facing severe ramifications as a result of accepting USA deposits and transactions with several banks and credit card companies illegally has put the US online poker community in a state of trepidation.
Considering the fact that the FBI, has closed down these three US poker sites, have implicated eleven people associated with the companies and issued warrants for their arrest, poker players are now at a loss as to where US poker players can play online poker. Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker had the highest numbers of poker players from the US and were known for their varied range of poker tournaments and high profile professional team of US poker players.
American players looking to play online poker and legal and reliable poker sites will now have to look elsewhere to get their dose of online poker. Many US online poker players have given up hope of finding great tournaments and sit and go online poker games where they can compete with other US poker players. However, despite the crack down on these US poker sites, players can still find several other legal US poker sites where they can play real money poker games and make USA deposits.
Poker players in the US and from Australia are now in a big hurry to get their money and poker chips out of US poker sites like Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. Considering that this shocking news follows reports of Washington DC passing a law that allows American players in the state to play online casino games like poker in poker rooms that accept US players is a great setback to the US online poker community.
Some players are extremely pessimistic about the US poker industry and believe that the current situation has led US authorities to believe that legalizing online poker in the US is a bad idea. It is also possible that a few other legal USA online poker sites may also come under scrutiny later on. However, if everything is found to be kept above board and is completely legal, these poker sites still accepting US poker players may just find themselves getting heavy player traffic.

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