The darkest clouds tend to hover longer, and if you are a US poker player looking for your silver lining – you are going to have a long, long wait! In yet another blow to the US online poker industry, the US government did not stop with PokerStars and Full Tilt but went ahead and closed down 10 more poker sites!

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Ten more internet gambling sites were indicted on Monday, more than just a month after the last poker shutdown. Some players believe that the US government does have it in for US online poker sites and may want to get rid of them. This belief is based on the incident of the US government using a fake company called Linwood Payment Solutions to catch these US online poker companies red handed while transacting with Linwood acting as a payment processor. Over a period of around two years, $35 million has been transacted online for such payments with Linwood as the payment processor.

This list of ten sites includes many online betting sites as well as some big poker sites. The clear indication is that online betting is being targeted by lawmakers as well. The sites that have been indicted as on the 24th of May are: Fun Time Bingo, True Poker, Doyles Room, Golden Arch Casino,,,, Bet Grande Sports, Bet E-Horse and BetEd.

As of now there is a DoJ statement that is seen on these US online poker websites when players try to access the same. The home page with the FBI notice announcing that the sites having been “shutdown” has not yet been put up on these sites but it may be yet to come. The domain names have been seized by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Homeland Security Investigations.

The defendants are said to have been involved in money laundering and illegal gambling operations with US payment processors and hence have been indicted. The indictments charge them with these crimes irrespective of their country of origin since they have accepted US players and transacted with US payment processors for the same.

ThrillX Systems that owns BetEd, owned by Darren Wright, BMX Entertainment or K23 Group Financial Services, owned by Ann Marie Puig were charged with the above mentioned crimes. Each of these defendants face up to 25 years of prison on these charges and most of them are on the Yatahay Network.

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