Marc Bohn and Blake Bohn, his son, have won big money while playing the Fall Poker Classic Tag-team NL Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament, which was being played at Canterbury Park. While registering for the event, their intention was to just have some fun, and maybe win some money.

The father-son duo did very well, beating a field of 383 players to become the champions and take home the first-place prize of $9,659.

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Marc, who was raised on a dairy farm in Savage, played poker with family members. He and Karen, his wife, taught their two sons how to play poker and the family would enjoy playing the game. Marc said: “My family played all different kinds of cards. My family and her family played lots of different cards, too. We were both card playing families, and then of course the kids were always included too and they always wanted to play.”

He had no idea Blake would get so good with the cards. Speaking about his love for poker, Blake said that poker was not always included in the family games, but he learned the skills required for poker by playing the other card games. He said that he got more interested in poker “because of the poker boom in popularity, and the money that was able to be made.” Blake was also attracted to the excitement and intrigue of playing poker.

In the course of time, Blake became a professional poker player who regularly took part in the Word Series of Poker (WSOP), held every year in Las Vegas. He has also won over $2 million playing live poker tournaments. It was his idea to take part in the Fall Poker Classic with his father and Marc liked the idea.

The father and son had to play at separate tables to begin with. They were given separate chip stacks, but later they could combine their chip stacks when they began playing as a team. They followed a strategy in which Marc adopted a conservative style and Blake would be aggressive. They used their combined strengths and the happy memories of playing card games together for several years to win the game.

When the two started building their combined chip stack, Blake told a friend that he badly wanted to win this tournament with his father. He said: “It’s something that we will never forget. This is certainly one night that will go down in family history.”

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