If you plan on attending the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas, Nevada, you are going to have to be fully vaccinated. This is because the WSOP decided that it was too risky to allow unvaccinated players to be part of the live poker tournament which starts in September 2021.
The United States like a number of other countries is facing another outbreak of COVID-19 and this time around it is the delta variant. With the 2021 WSOP taking place over a month and a half and thousands of players expecting to come in from all over the United States and other international destinations, the WSOP made the decision to make vaccination mandatory.
Poker players, media, and fans in attendance will have to show proof of full vaccination in order to be able to play and be a part of the poker festival. There are a number of ways players can produce their full vaccination certificate. We put together what we think is the fastest way for you to produce proof of vaccination at the 2021 WSOP.
Step 1 – Take The Full Vaccination
This is the most obvious step in the entire process. If you haven’t taken the COVID-19 vaccination, you are not going to be able to be a part of this season’s WSOP. Now some players like Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell who don’t believe in the vaccination have decided to skip the WSOP rather than be forced to take the vaccine.
However if you plan on attending, take the vaccination a minimum 14 days in advance. The WSOP has made it clear that you need to be fully vaccinated. So if you are taking the Pfizer, AZ or Moderna vaccine, you need to make sure you get both shots as only then you are considered fully vaccinated.
If you decided to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, then you are only going to need one shot. Once you complete your full vaccination, make sure you collect and keep your vaccination certificate carefully.
Step 2 – Download Clear Mobile App
The second step is for you to go to the Apple or Google Play store to download the clear mobile and health pass feature app. This is a free app download and should take you less than a couple of minutes to install. Once you complete the installation, you will have to open the app and complete a verification process.
You will have to enter personal information which includes your mobile number, email address and upload a picture of your driving license – both front and back copies. Make sure you upload a valid driving license that is clear to read. If you do this correctly, you should have no trouble in verifying your account. When your account is successfully verified, you will see a green tick on your account.
Step 3 – Confirm Vaccination Status
The third step is to upload your vaccination certificate into the app. Take a picture of the vaccination certificate, upload it into the app and then enter the required info which includes when you were vaccinated and where you were vaccinated.
This app is user-friendly and guides you through the entire process. Once you complete this process, you are ready to pass the verification procedure at the 2021 WSOP. All you need to do when you show up at the 2021 WSOP is to visit the registration desk, select which tournament you are going to buy-in, pay the cash, open the app and let them run the barcode on your app to confirm your COVID-19 vaccination.

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