The World Poker Tour (WPT) introduced its first ever WPT Tournament of Champions an even that could be played only by former WPT champions and had a total of $381,600 for the first place winner along with a Monster sponsored 2016 Corvette.

A total of 64 players were part of the WPT Tournament of Champions and most of them were pretty well known on the circuit apart from a few. One of them was Farid Yachou from the Netherlands who had earlier won the WPT Amsterdam and in doing so became eligible to be a part of the WPT Tournament of Champions.

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Yachou was surprised to know that he could play the WPT Tournament of Champions but wasn’t very sure if he wanted to due to his fear of flying. He had never been to the United States and initially wanted to know if he could pass on his seat at the WPT Tournament of Champions to his friend and fell Dutch poker player Pieter de Korver, who was responsible for pushing Yachou to play the WPT Amsterdam.

When Yachou found out that he could not nominate someone to take his place, he decided to conquer his fear of flying and attend the WPT Tournament of Champions. Things worked in his favour as he had only a 48 hour deadline to obtain his visa and get on a plane. He got his U.S visa just in time and decided to enjoy his trip to the U.S and do his best at the event.

Before the event could start, Yachou stated that he would have been happy to finish in 30th place as he was playing against some of the best poker players in the world. But to everyone’s surprise including himself, Yachou did not finish in 30th place but would go on to beat all of the competition and become the first ever winner of the WPT Tournament of Champions.

Yachou is very family oriented and prefers to play only live poker as he likes to see the face of his opponent. With this win, his name will now be remembered for a long time on the poker circuit. Apart from the prize money, Yachou also won a number of other gifts.

In a statement, Yachou said “I love watches, and Hublot did something really, really good. The car is something amazing. I’ve never seen a tournament giving a car away. It’s amazing. The other stuff, what can I say about Monster, it’s all nice. I took my Monster headphones from Amsterdam, because I like to hear the sound they have. It’s not like the others. I’ve happy with all the stuff.”

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