The recent International Casino Exhibition (ICE) conference held in London is the cause for rumors about Party Gaming that have been going around. These rumors concern online gaming in the United States, and claim that there is going to be a big change in the online gaming industry in the US beginning with Party Gaming re-entering the US, if the government legalizes poker.
One rumor regarding Party Gaming that has been going around that has players really excited about it involves a special deal. Allegedly, Party Gaming has signed a deal to team up with two U.S. casinos to provide an online gaming portal when licenses are legalized in the country. Four names have come up with regards to the deal, namely Boyd Gaming, MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment and the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Although there is no information regarding specifics or details it has been said that it would be a lucrative deal.
After the enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, Party Gaming was one of the first groups to have withdrawn its sites, including Party Poker from America. In 2009, Party Gaming entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the Department of Justice over its actions before the enforcement of the UIGEA. Apparently, this decision was made to ease Party Gaming moving back into America when the laws allow it to. Party Gaming is still in the process of paying the fine over the years.
Party Gaming’s news has had an effect on stock prices of all the great players who are well known in the gaming industry. Party Gaming has had a rise and fall in their stock prices in the past few years and now these firms that have been mentioned are showing an increase in their stock prices. Whether the deal works out for the good of Party Gaming is still to be seen but for everyone associated with the “rumor” it’s working out to be a good deal since they are already reaping the benefits.
Representatives of Party Gaming have refused to comment on any such speculation or rumor and the players of the game also are not letting out any details regarding the deal. So far, most reports have come to be known through the Daily Mail and the information that has been brought out by them.

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