Full Tilt Poker – a name that was once associated with online poker entertainment and big money tourneys is now associated with the events of ‘Black Friday.’ In the online poker world Full Tilt Poker is considered to be one of the worst hit sites from the list. Full Tilt Poker had a string of bad luck and bad encounters since Black Friday and it is probably in its way to losing almost all its players and profits.

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Full Tilt Poker’s journey downhill began with the indictment on Black Friday and it took a hit of being one of the top three poker sites that were indicted and shut down. During that time, Full Tilt Poker had been gearing up to launch the “Onyx Cup”, which was going to be a series of larger than life live tournaments with huge buy-ins and hence consisting of the most elite crowd.

When the US Department of Justice indicted and shut down this site, all their plans went to waste. Recently, not so long ago, Full Tilt Poker probably saw the worst of the series of nightmares when its license was suspended by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and hence consequently by the ARJEL that regulates internet gambling in France. The players are in despair and the poker pros who were riding on the name of Full Tilt Poker, have turned their back on them since Black Friday and the lack of payouts.

The only good news the site had received recently was that certain European investors were interested in buying the Full Tilt Poker site. The most recent update on Full Tilt Poker’s Negotiations is that the sale deal has been almost finalized and is nearing completion. Come, July 22nd 2011 and Full Tilt Poker’s deal should be through and although it is not in time for the World Series of Poker, it is a much needed change that the site and people associated with it required.

While the deal might also be finalized on the same day, it might also bring players some good news. Reportedly, Full Tilt Poker will start off by paying off its customers the first chance they get. And so, once again the players need to wait to know the fate of their money. In any case, Full Tilt Poker still seems to be bent on clearing the air and it has stated through attorney Jeff Iffrah that it should be known that the company has not been taken over by any of its competitors but rather this group of investors who are new to the business and are from the financial sector.

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