The television channel Discovery will broadcast a show called “Underground Poker” starring professional poker players Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari from September 10. The program, which will provide in-depth information about the game, is part of a block of three programs called “All In, All Night.” All the three programs in the block will be broadcast one after the other, and each will deal with different aspects of online casino gambling.

In addition to “Underground Poker,” the block includes programs such as “Casino Secrets,” which will reveal the customer retention secrets various casinos, and “Hustling the House,” which explains the scientific and mathematical aspects of house edge. “Underground Poker,” starring Laak and Esfandiari, will deal with underground poker games.

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“Underground Poker” can be viewed on Discovery on September 10, Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET. Antonio Esfandiari, commonly referred to as “The Magician,” and Phil Laak, who plays under the moniker “The Unabomber,” will be the hosts of this show. Both Laak and Esfandiari are extremely successful poker players, having won huge amounts of cash at live poker tournaments all over the world. Being very popular players, they each have a huge following of fans.

“Underground Poker” intends to be a reality show, in which Laak and Esfandiari will take part in underground poker games all over the US. Discovery has not exactly explained what it means by “underground,” but it is surmised that the games are either played secretly within legal casinos or hosted illegally at private locations. Discovery’s official website describes the show as follows: “Elite professional poker players, Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari, travel to New Orleans in search of high-stakes underground poker games.”

“Underground Poker” is not the first TV show the two poker pros have taken part in. In 2007, they starred in MOJO Network’s “I Bet You,” in which they travelled all over the US placing prop bets. The show was all about how the two players placed enormous five-figure bets on almost anything under the sun. The entire show comprised several episodes, broadcast over a period of two years. The third season never saw the light of day as the MOJO Network pulled down its shutters in 2008.

Antonio Esfandiari, a former magician, is currently a spokesman for Ultimate Poker. He has won three World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and two World Poker Tour (WPT) championship titles. Phil Laak has won over $3 million playing live poker tournaments.

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