PokerStars, often described as an online poker giant, is a renowned poker room that most of the poker community supports. However, recent complaints regarding the site’s poker tourney offering of Zoom Poker has caused quite the concern among players. As PokerStars was allowing multiple poker players to sit down, some staffers seem to have erred and allowed as many as 5 poker players to sit down at once in the promotional event.

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Complaints were raised by Alex “KidWithDream” Treimanis, another PokerStars Caribbean Adventure player on several forums one of which was Michael “Timex” McDonald and Andrew Chen, two poker professionals who are participating in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure also confirmed that there was a problem with the Zoom Poker offerings and reached out to Lee Jones at PokerStars.

The problem was that the site allowed a few players to get in the simultaneously and play in a Zoom Poker tournament that had several players competing. Timex and Chen were scheduled by PokerStars to go together and this gave them an unfair advantage.  “The staff running the event said they’ll have a strict ‘eyes down’ policy so that nobody cheats by looking at the other person’s screen and sees their cards. Well, that’s not really the issue. The biggest hurdle is getting somebody to go all in with you so that you can try to gamble up your stack,” stated a post explaining the whole event.

Lee Jones, a PokerStars executive commented on the Zoom Poker complaints stating on the 2+2 forum, “Hi folks – Just so everybody knows: Timex, Andrew Chen and I had a long hallway talk about this situation at the PCA on Monday. I thought it was a productive and intelligent conversation (they’re welcome to give their comments about it). We are discussing the situation internally and I promised Mike and Andrew that I would get back to them, no matter what we decided.”

According to a poster on Two Plus Two, Dan Druff, “This was a massive screw-up on Stars’ part. The worst was not the ill-advised planning of the event. The worst was definitely their refusal to fix this on the spot, but rather continue to allow certain people to gain an unfair advantage…You are completely correct that the people playing earlier had virtually no chance to win, given the tightness of the “regular” Stars 100-200 players. They also suffered a major disadvantage because, as you said, later players would know exactly the number to shoot for.”

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