Eric Froehlich is no newbie when it comes to Poker. The 28-year-old Poker pro has won over $3 million over the past few years, but still undermines his Poker ability. Magic, however, is his preferred talent, as he has spent most of his teen years as a top ranked Magic player. However, after years of casting spells and tricks, Froehlich moved his interests back to Poker, becoming the youngest WSOP winner in Poker history.

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Froehlich began his stint in magic at the age of 11 before reaching his peak at 17, becoming the world’s number one. Although Magic: The Gathering was extremely invigorating, as a profession, it offered himless income. Magic offered just three $40,000 tournaments in a year, a feat that is extremely difficult to achieve on a consistent basis. Froehlich says, he accounts his earnings during his teen years to about $60,000 – an amount that was just about enough to pay for his international travel and part of his college.

During his freshman year at Virginia University, Froehlich realized his potential in Poker and so decided to move his interests to a game that required him to travel much less extensively. Having started his stint at Poker playing online in a $5-$10 limit game, he quickly increased the stakes with a friend’s help and started his winning streak that satisfied his hunger. Now that he unlocked his potential in Poker, he knew this would be his righteous path. This started a chain of events that led to the transition of a Magic player to a Poker player.

Froehlich attributed his quick and strategic growth in his Poker career to friend and former Magic player Brock Parker. Parker was already knee deep in online Poker, playing for $100-$200. With proximity, being a key factor Froehlich took the step to learn the art of online Poker from his childhood friend Parker. Froehlich started out his Poker hobby rather recklessly, using up all of his $5,000 bank balance to play WSOP events. His first two tournaments did not go to well, and before he realized he was left with just $2,000. He waged $1,500 for No-Limit event, and won his first WSOP tournament. His subsequent win got Full Tilt Poker interested in signing an endorsement, while ESPN filmed Froehlich’s final table, making him an instant star.

Froehlich learnt more about the game and played confidently over the years, winning several titles and earning a name among Poker pros. It is not until he made a consistent win, however big or small, did Froehlich eventually decide to make Poker his career.

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