Doyle Brunson, the legendary professional poker player, received Epic Poker League’s first Lifetime Card today in recognition of his success and long career and his contributions to poker. The Lifetime Card allows Brunson to gain access to all events launched by Epic Poker League in future.

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Epic Poker League Commissioner Annie Duke said, “Doyle Brunson epitomizes excellence and class in poker and we’re honored to award him with the league’s first lifetime membership. There is no better player or person to receive a Lifetime Card and we look forward to welcoming Doyle to many future Epic Poker events.”

The League organized a special ceremony just before the start of its live tournament in honor of the senior poker player, during which the Lifetime Membership and a gold-sapphire ring was presented to him. A special commemorative pennant was also unveiled on this occasion, and it will henceforth be hung in the Hall of Champions.

In his acceptance address, Doyle Brunson said, “I gladly accept this lifetime membership card. Epic Poker is taking our game to the next level and I’m honored to be part of this league and think every player should support it. It is humbling to be recognized as a pioneer in this incredible game and it has been my life-long passion to help take poker to the highest level possible.”

Epic Poker League players can avail of a two-year, three-year, or five-year card, with the length of the term for each card, also referred to as “exemption period,” depending on players poker achievements. Throughout the exemption period, players are free to gain entry to the Federated Sports plus Gaming Professional Poker League events. At the end of the period, the players’ status is reviewed.

The inaugural season of the Epic Poker League comprises four rake-free main events of buy-in $20k each, along with $40k added, plus a $1000k Freeroll Championship for the League’s top 27 poker players. Poker players who are interested in participating must first earn league membership, which means that they must meet certain criteria, accessible at the site. An exhaustive roster for poker players who have already qualified for the first season of the Epic Poker League is also available there.

The four main events will feature various NL Hold’em formats, including a multi-format tournament and a six-handed tournament. Each week includes a charitable event, a rake-free main event for buy-in $20k, and a pro vs. amateur event.

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