After the indictment of so many online poker sites in the United States, the fate of online poker players in the US has become too predictable. Several US players have migrated to different nations that continue to offer online poker throughout the country, and one of them is Canada. While this migration may come as a shock to most online poker players, it is not surprising to see large poker networks like the Entraction Poker Network wanting to steer clear of any controversy and hence having decided to ban players from five more countries.

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Players from Canada, Norway, Israel, Turkey and Russia have been banned from playing on the Entraction Poker Network, and these countries are doing the same with online poker in their jurisdiction.

Entraction Poker was taken over by the IGT in 2011 and the IGT stems from USA. After having seen what has happened to other big online poker networks and companies in the US, the Entraction Poker Network would not wish to have such a fate and hence is already taking sufficient safety measures for the same.

A ban in the US and in Canada on online poker is going to prove troublesome to many online poker players but the Entraction Poker Network that had predicted of a great comeback when online poker is legalized in the US is now preparing for the same by making no mistakes.

Online Gambling in Canada is not based on specified rules and hence many aspects of the same are questionable, whereas other countries like Russia, Turkey, Israel and Norway have been banned based on the same reason that many online poker sites in the US were shut down – illegal online transactions from online payment merchants that are against the rules of the same.

Clearly, the Entraction Poker Network does not want any loose ends, or any knives hanging over its head when online gambling is legalized in the United States and banning these five countries and players from there is just one step towards securing their future market in the United States and the world over. Other online gambling networks should look into doing the same if they are thinking of a long-term strategy to survive.

As of now, the US poker community is still guessing as to when the law will allow the return of online gambling in the United States and have it declared legal in the country.

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