German born Michael Eiler wins the European Poker Tour Main Event and a prize of €700,000 today, defeating second place finisher, Martin Hruby, for the title.
After a gruelling 5 days, Eiler shoved all in preflop with A 10 suited and couldn’t have asked for a better result. Hruby called with pocket 2’s, only to see Eiler flop an ace high flush, and a royal straight flush draw. Nieither the turn nor the river produced the Queen, but it was of little relevance to Hruby, who was all but out on the flop and drawing dead after the turn failed to produce an out for him.
Eiler, who began the day at the final table in third place and eventually went on to win, had a few strong runs of three take downs in a row, and then drew Hruby into an all in during heads up to double up. Hruby, who had been raising over the top moved all in on A3 and was called by Eiler’s AJ. The board gave Eiler the Jack and the chip lead of just under 10 million to Hruby’s 7.6 million. After a series of aggressive pre flop takedowns, the final hand went to Eiler.
Of note, Daniel Negreanu, who was looking to win the triple crown and move into first place in the all time winnings leaderboard, went out in fourth place, dashing his hopes, but taking home a prize of €175,000, for his efforts. One of the biggest pots of the day was a heartbreak for Negreanu, and a huge windfall for Hruby. Luca Cainelli pushed an early raise and was called preflop by Hruby and Negreanu. The flop was 8♥5♥K♠ and Cainelli continued with a bet of 725000 . Both players called and the turn was 9♠
Cainelli moved all in and Negreanu followed with an all in as well. Hruby made the call and the players revealed their hands. Cainelli held A♠A♦ for an over pair, Negreanu showed K♦9♦ for top two pair and Hruby revealed 6♦7♣ for the straight. The river, a 5♣ , gave Cainelli a larger two pair, but it was irrelevant as Hruby took down the pot with the straight, knocking out Cainelli, boosting his stack to 10,795,000 chips, and putting a huge dent to Negreanau’s chip stack.
The final results were as follows:
1st – Michael Eiler, Germany, €700,000
2nd – Martin Hruby, Czech Republic, €470,000
3rd – Konstantinos Nanos, Greece, €265,000
4th – Daniel Negreanu, Canada, €175,000
5th – Luca Cainelli, Italy, €140,000
6th – Andreas Wiese, Germany, €105,000
7th – Matthias Lotze, Germany, €76,000
8th – Bruno Launais, France, €60,000

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