Starting September 1, players who have attained Elite VIP status at Absolute Poker will be eligible to receive 9 percent interest on the money in their accounts.The interest will be doled out annually and will be calculated based on a player’s average daily balance.

“Elite” is the highest level of the VIP ladder at Absolute, reached by earning 40,000 VIP points at the real money poker tables.Elite status must continue to be earned, however, by gaining 10,000 VIP points per month.Players will not receive the interest if they cash out (a full cash out, presumably – as this is still not 100 percent clear).

One rumbling around poker message boards is that this must be a sign of something fishy at Absolute.After all, if they can give out 9 percent, which is much more than any bank gives on a savings account, they must be doing something sketchy with customer deposits.Logic, however, says this is not so.This is simply an effort to keep the highest revenue generating customers at Absolute Poker.It is almost akin to rakeback.Absolute makes so much money from the rake that it can afford to toss a little extra incentive the way of its best customers.

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