, which is currently in the beta version, promises to be the home of a large and thriving online poker gaming community—the place where poker players can hone their skills and actually earn money for doing so. The online poker community site will not hire any professionals for its operation; instead, its users will make all major decisions. claims to be a social educational online poker networking site in the making.

Click Here For Sites Still Accepting USA Players will feature a number of video tutorials and also plans to offer poker coaching on a one-to-one basis in future, but it will be a poker forum and poker coaching site with a difference. will offer something that no other poker portal does at present—an innovative reputation system, in which users can earn reputation or karma for contributions in the form of videos uploaded, queries asked, and answers posted.

As previously mentioned, is currently in the beta version, being tested for technical flaws. Once it goes live, it will organize monthly activity races, in which users having the highest karma growth will receive attractive cash rewards. This activity race is expected to motivate users to contribute high-quality videos and other content to the site. While the most active users will earn cash prizes for their efforts, less active users can gain unlimited access to high-quality poker information.

Since the site is currently in the beta status, poker enthusiasts can use it for free. Those who contribute the most during the beta testing period will receive free memberships once the site comes out of beta. When the public beta testing phase comes to an end, will charge monthly subscription fees, a major portion of which will be put into the activity race prize pool. claims to have one of the most advanced online poker forums in the industry. The forum is built in such a way that it helps users find answers to the toughest poker questions. Anybody can become members as the site is open to recreational as well as professional poker players. Questions can be asked in two categories—strategy questions dealing with poker theories, poker hand histories, and others and non-strategy questions dealing with technical issues, customer support, online poker rooms, and others. Karma or reputation can be earned only for contributions in the strategy category.

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