Dylan Linde has over $1.7 million in career prize money and has been playing poker a long time. The Idaho poker pro was full of praise for his experience in India playing Season 2 of the Poker Sports League (PSL) where his team finished in first place.
PSL Experience in India
The Indian poker market is continuing to grow as the community campaigns for poker to be recognized as a game of skill and not be categorized as a game of chance. India has always categorized poker as a game of chance and hence it has been banned throughout the country as there is no room for gambling.
During the last few years, the poker climate in the country has steadily changed and a number of poker leagues have cropped up throughout India. One of the most recognized leagues is the PSL, which is also inspiring this change. The PSL India just concluded its second season and the support for this new team-type competition has been enormous.
Since the PSL India is an Indian based poker tournament, it featured mostly Indian poker players. There was a lot of planning that went on behind the scenes and it took months for the teams to be finalized. Numerous live and online qualifiers were held throughout the country to shortlist a total of 10 players for their respective teams. Each team was made up of 10 players—one mentor to act as captain, two pro players, two live qualifiers, three online qualifiers and two wild card players. A total of twelve regional teams then competed in the PSL and season 2 was a great success.
PSL Experience in India
The PSL decided to make the league interesting by using the wild card selection process to bring in high-profile pros from all over the world to join the fun and help promote poker in the country.
This is where Dylan Linde comes in. Linde recalls that moment when he was messaged on Facebook by Indian poker pro Nikita Luther, asking if he was interested to fly to India and join the League. Reports state that British poker pro Stephen Chidwick was first signed to play as the wild card entrant for the Goan Nuts but he had to change his plans and fly to Montenegro when the PSL was in progress. This turned out to be a good break for Linde, as he was the next choice for the Goan Nuts.
Fast forward to the League finale in May, which was held at the Deltin Royale Casino in Goa, and Linde found himself having the time of his life. Unlike the usual poker competitions that Linde was used to, where player was battling it out to see how much they win, the PSL was literally an event that required teamwork. The League ran for four long days, where each team had to assign players to each of the five games per day: Tag Team, Heads-Up, Pot-Limit Omaha, Turbo formats, and then the Main Event.
Linde recalls the Main Event, which was nothing like he’s ever played before. The event was a three-player tag-team where players would switch out in every level, and then team-up at heads-up. Linde also gushes about the energy and the hype during the games, where fans cheered their teams on and helped the players maintain high energy levels.
Linde Leaves Impressed With PSL & India
He also noted that unlike in the US, the atmosphere was very open and positive. Since the sport is fairly new in the country, everybody wanted to learn and was asking about their hands after they busted, eager to know where they made a mistake and can improve.
In the end, the Goan Nuts were crowned the PSL India season 2 victors. The team split 2 crore rupees amongst themselves, while the Gujarat Falcons who finished in second place ended up with 1.2 crore rupees.
Would Linde go back? Absolutely, he says. He’s enjoyed the fresh new format, he’s made tons of new friends, and he says he’s never had a fan experience as huge as he did at the PSL. People were asking for selfies, and seeing and experiencing India was an amazing experience for him.
In a statement, Linde said, “People are just shouting. The crowd’s just going crazy. You win a hand and people are just cheering like crazy. Our team has songs. It was the craziest British rail for every moment of the tournament…I will 100% go back next year. If they invite me back, I’ll be going back. It was too much fun, way too much fun.”

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