Tom “durrrr” Dwan of Team Full Tilt Poker has posted a tweet on Twitter that he will be giving the first of his paid poker lessons on April 19. Patrik Antonius, another member of Team Full Tilt Poker, will start giving lessons on April 18. Since Dwan and Antonius are the world’s top poker pros, receiving poker instructions from them will be a unique experience.
The duo will give lessons with the help of topnotch audio-video technology incorporated on a new coaching site by Brandon Adams, the poker writer, Full Tilt Poker pro, and Harvard professor. Called, Brandon Adam’s poker coaching website will provide one-to-one training from experts in a wide range of fields. The coaching website will begin with poker instructions from the world’s top poker pros Antonius and Dwan as well as several others.
Admitting that he is very interested to know the outcomes of the first few hours of poker lessons imparted by Dwan and Antonius, Prof. Adams said that the duo is a great resource for the poker gaming community. Stating that Dwan has the most innovative of poker minds, he said that a number of top poker players have admitted that their poker career has been greatly influenced by Dwan. Adams expressed his confidence that Dwan will give players more than their money’s worth in just one hour of poker coaching.
Voicing his opinions of Antonius, Adams said that Antonius has emerged as the second biggest poker winner during the past 10 years and that he was the largest winner in almost every major game run at Full Tilt Poker at one point. Stating that Phil Ivey and Antonius are the best online poker players in the world, the professor said that Antonius has not committed himself to giving any more poker lessons after April 18 because he has never given any poker lessons in the past. Adams expressed hopes that Antonius’ lessons on April 18 turn out to be successful.
Ambitious poker players can grab this opportunity to learn some poker tips and strategies directly from the horse’s mouth. Interested poker players can head over to Adam’s Twitter page and start bidding for the poker lessons of their choice. Bidding commences at $3000 and will rise by $100 with each bid. A huge chunk of the proceeds will go to Morris Jeff Community School. Adams will be retweeting top bids enabling players to know the latest bid.

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