Annie Duke, a professional female poker player from California, earns the third largest income playing poker in the community of female poker pros. Ever since 1994, she has earned a total of $4,270,549 playing poker. Besides, Duke occupies the second rank in the “WSOP Women All Time Money List,” having won 38 cash prizes worth a total of $1,128,951. In 2004, she won a coveted WSOP bracelet playing the $3000 Omaha High-Low 8/OB Tournament.  Duke was the woman who definitely proved to the world that poker need not necessarily be a “man’s game.” She has written several poker books, appeared on TV poker shows, taught poker skills and strategies to aspiring players, and contributed a great deal to the industry.

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Despite her excellent poker achievements, Annie Duke has no dearth of critics in the poker gaming community. Many in the industry disapprove of her association with Ultimate Bet and the Epic Poker League. Moreover, her brother Howard Lederer is up to his neck in the Full Tilt Poker trouble, a fact that makes Annie Duke’s position in the community worse than ever.

Owing to these circumstances, some people in the poker industry were very disapproving when she announced that she would take part in WSOP 2012. An online poster, who calls himself CharlieKelly, said: “If she shows up either she doesn’t care about what happened, or is a sociopath who doesn’t think what she did was wrong.”

Daniel Negreanu, the Canadian professional poker player, is Annie Duke’s biggest enemy. He has openly declared that he thinks she is an arrogant bully. In fact, the Duke and Negreanu feud began in the early nineties. The poker community is, therefore, surprised that Negreanu didn’t show any interest in joining the anti-Duke club. Instead, he behaved in a very diplomatic manner and stated, “She sucks so that’s good for the game but I don’t have any problem with Annie Duke playing the WSOP. The WSOP is a private entity so they have the right to ban anyone for whatever reason they want. But personally I would never ban anyone from the WSOP unless they were cheating.”

Duke and Negreanu even played against each other in the $5000 Stud Tournament without quarreling. Obviously, Negreanu has decided to focus on his game instead of wasting his time and energy feuding with his enemy. He has already won the WSOP bracelet four times and naturally would like to win many more.

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