Mr_Daydream took home the monster first prize for Party Poker’s Million May Madness Finale late Saturday night. In a return to what was once the most popular non-freeroll tournament in all of online Poker, three different players took home more than $100,000 each in Party Poker’s newest $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool extravaganza. Here are the payouts for the top ten finishers:

1 Mr_Daydream, $154,215.16
2 BlindBoyBurt, $115518.78
3 NSCutHome, $109,266.07
4 JayPah, $54,500
5 scossett, $46,000
6 brotsalat123, $34,500
7 Gabfield1,$26,500
8 Tonny997, $17,500
9 theNorfman, $13,500
10 lurdo111, $9,500

Of note was the tremendous payout value offered on the $640 buy-in to the 1421 players who bought in. 1421 separate buy-ins at $640 a pop spells out a $909,440 pool, but due to the fact that May Madness was billed as a $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament players who were able to cash made more than they would have in an average $640 buy in tourney – especially at the higher levels where Mr_Daydream took in more than 15 times that which 10th place finisher lurdo111 took in.

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