The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will be unveiling a new form of poker tournament in November when Dream Team Poker begins. The inaugural run for Dream Team Poker will take place from November 7th to November 9th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas; it has been dubbed a “Private Premier Invitational” and is limited to just 25 teams.

Each team within the tournament will consist of 3 players and each member will play the tourney as an individual – the difference comes in when the teams get scored at the end based on how each player finishes in the tournament. Dream Team Poker (DTP) will allow these teams consisting of 3 players to create their own unique name and to wear jerseys – or other matching clothes – to identify their team.

People from the public who wish to register a team for the first run of DTP that takes place in the Hard Rock Hotel Poker Lounge will unfortunately have to wait till a later date; the debut tournament that starts on November 7th is only open to players who have been sent an invitation. This private format could be subject to change in future events.

DTP looks to entice people to its game by providing advantages that regular tournament poker doesn’t. The chief difference that Dream Team Poker touts is that every player matters even if they have been eliminated early on; the players who cash are usually the only people that matter in regular tournaments. Since DTP is a team game, the strategies will differ greatly from normal tourneys where people only have to worry about themselves. DTP will also pay both the top individuals in the tournament along with the top teams as well.

Other interesting things that make Dream Team Poker stand out are that each individual will be allowed to use a specified number of time outs in order to discuss a hand with a teammate who has already been eliminated, no team members will play at the same table until it’s down to the final 14 – 16 players, and tournament officials will watch to make sure that no teammate collusion occurs at the final two tables.

The DTP tournament will contain certain elements that will not be subject to change at this time: the tourney will be No Limit Texas Hold’em, the team buy-ins are $3,000 ($1,000 per person,) and the total prize pool will equal $75,000. Everybody who receives an invitation for Dream Team Poker will get a Hard Rock Hotel VIP Package which includes special room rates, a party on Saturday and Sunday night, and a gift package.

The Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino first opened in 1995 and is well known for its Tahitian-inspired beach, nightclub, and music venue. The property is currently being expanded as the company looks to utilize the 23 acres of land that it purchased in 2006.

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