Dr. Jaclynn Moskow, a professional poker player from South Florida recently came out and levelled allegations of sexual harassment and racism again the Poker Night In America (PNIA) show and it’s creative director Nolan Dalla.

Moskow appeared on the show back in November 2014 when an episode was taped at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. She described the incident in detail in a blog post stating that the incident was witnessed by 888poker’s US Marketing Manager Chris Capra. 888poker are the main sponsors for PNIA.

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It is not clear why Moskow has waited so long to come out with these allegations but she did receive a lot of support on social media for being brave enough to finally stand up. Some of the accusations made by Moskow include Dalla rubbing his face in her chest at a function after show; a cameraman for PNIA also touched her inappropriately and the host of the show Chris Hanson made a number of racist comments against Jews.

Moskow states that she received text messages from Capra who apologized for what happened at the show and the event that followed stating that some of the wildness that night was instigated by him.

In a statement, Chris Moneymaker said “The text messages show something obviously unfortunate did happen to you while on the set of Poker Night in America and it is beyond inexcusable. As for me I was invited to go one the show a few times, most recently the WSOP Main event champions show next week in Vegas.  I was considering going on the show until now.  I will not participate on Poker Night in America or sponsor it until all the facts have been determined and I have more information.”

Dalla has taken to the twoplustwo poker forum to categorically deny all allegations and give his version of the story in detail. He termed the allegations and ludicrous and nonsensical and stated that he had sent Moskow quite a few emails to clear up the issue as he has been very hurt by these allegations.

Moskow is yet to file a lawsuit and states that she has been approached with a settlement offer by Rush Street Gaming, the parent company of Rush Street Productions that produces PNIA. Moskow stated that she has decided not to accept the settlement and prefers to tell her story as she wants to help others who have also been affected but have been too afraid to come out.

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