Doyle’s Room, which stopped permitted U.S. customer signups seven and half months ago, will once again accept new player registrations from the world’s largest online poker market this Friday.

The online poker room fronted by Doyle Brunson, perhaps the most famous poker player of all time, was once a mainstay on the Tribeca Tables network, along with Golden Palace Poker.In November 2006, Tribeca was purchased by Playtech, which operates the iPoker network.At the time Tribeca still permitted U.S. players on its network, but it had announced just a couple days earlier that it would be withdrawing from the U.S. in due course.Tribeca stopped accepting new American customers in mid-February 2007 and finally closed to the U.S. completely at the end of the month, as Tribeca officially merged with iPoker.

In the meantime, it was rumored that Doyle’s Room was actually developing a new network so that it could continue to allow Americans to play at its tables, but this never came to fruition.Instead, Doyle’s Room and Full Tilt came to an agreement to allow Doyle’s Room customers to transfer their accounts to Full Tilt, which still accepting U.S. residents.Doyle’s Room continued to operate on the iPoker network without American players.

In April 2007, Doyle’s Room made yet another switch, this time to the Microgaming network.Doyle’s Room did not, at that time, begin accepting U.S. players again, even though its new network did allow for it.

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