After the Federal personnel at Baltimore worked on a poker sting operation and seized ten websites recently, of which Doyles Room was one of them, esteemed poker player Doyle Brunson took up the fight.

Doyles Room gets its name and fame from the legendary poker player Doyle Brunson, whom passionate fans claim is the “the God of poker.”

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Doyle Brunson had spoken confidently about the Federal investigations last year and said that hopefully they would not have a problem with him or with internet gambling. He believed, just like many others did that poker is legal under the US law, and hence the poker groups and alliances are ready to stand up and fight.

However, although Doyle Brunson had owned some stock in the website his role consisted of only promoting the website and hence he was not charged with any accusations. He had no role to play in the functioning of the website.Two companies, namely, ThrillX Systems and K23 Group were indicted and their websites were seized for illegal gambling practices and money laundering charges. Certain individuals were charged but Doyle Brunson was not one of them since he had in recent times distanced himself from the poker website that uses his name and fame.

The fight that had been pending for a long time has come in the wake of the recent indictments by the Department of Justice. Last month, three of the largest and most popular internet poker sites, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker as well as Absolute Poker were indicted for bank fraud and money laundering and they were shut down. The sites are now in the process of returning funds to their loyal players. The government seeks to claim $3 billion in this court case and on the whole eleven individuals were arrested and charged with bank fraud, and illegal operations.

Although, these sites have stated that they have not violated any law, they have been forced to shut shop and return the money back to the players based on an agreement they have made with the prosecutors. Bradley Frazen, one of the eleven has pleaded guilty to the accusations for processing transactions with internet poker companies.

The DoJ has constantly stated that internet gambling is a violation of the US law and although that law is murky they are using it to sue these sites, while poker alliances demand an explanation and clarification of the law along with regulation and legalization of online poker. No one wants to take a chance at clearly stating whether poker is a game of skill or chance and hence this confusion causes increasing damage to internet gambling in the US.

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