Technology has come a long way: poker books gave way to poker videos, then poker DVDs and now poker downloads. Through online multimedia company Zipidee, you can get inside the head of Phil Gordon and other experts to see how they tackle complicated poker decisions, all from the comfort of your own computer.

Poker pro and commentator extraordinaire Phil Gordon founded Expert Insight, a company that produces instructional videos to help players improve their poker, blackjack, golf, billiards and even magic, with a team of experts including Gordon, Jim Furyk, Fred Funk and Andy Bloch. Their instructional poker video “Final Table Poker” features Phil Gordon disclosing his innermost thoughts on final tables, and its promotional blurb has Gordon stating: "Get inside my mind and listen in on my thought process as I play at a final table against Chris Ferguson and other world-class players."

However interesting, a new poker DVD is not really newsworthy. The real development here is the way in which this DVD will be distributed: via internet downloads. Online company Zipidee distributes videos as downloads, both as rentals or purchases, which makes Gordon’s poker instructional videos available to players around the world with no shipping fees, no waits, and no hassle.

Both the recently-launched Zipidee and Gordon’s Expert insight are very excited about this new partnership. Gordon declared: " will be an important channel for us to deliver digital content to our consumers. We're very excited about the opportunities and added benefits this partnership brings to Expert Insight and our customers, who can now gain immediate global access to our programming on demand. We are especially excited to offer our videos just in time for the holiday season."

Henry Wong, Zipidee co-founder and CEO, also finds this strategic alliance with Expert Insight to be a great boost for their 5,000-title online catalog. "For those people who need an extra edge on poker night or who need to work on their short game in golf, they can turn to experts like Phil Gordon on Zipidee and learn from the best," Wong said. "Our partnership with Expert Insight further supports the idea that our partners are looking for a turnkey digital infrastructure in which they can control the sales and distribution of their digital goods."

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