Robert Donegan won the $300 buy-in NL Holdem tournament, the sixteenth event of the Western New York Poker Challenge 2014, after beating a player field of 72. The tournament lasted for 12 hours at the end of which Donegan emerged victorious and took home the first-place prize of $6,163.

The sixteenth event was held simultaneously with the Western New York Poker Challenge 2014 $1,100 buy-in Main Event, and its results are as follows. The last man standing was Robert Donegan, as previously mentioned, and he won the first place prize of $6,163. The runner-up Cos Barillari won $3,825.

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The players who finished third and fourth were Jason Clarke and Art Demmerley, who won $2,501 and $1,758, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth were Jeff Katz and Jim Goertz, who won $1,305 and $1,015, respectively. Vince Ileluzzi and Cam Bartolotta finished seventh and eighth and won $834 and $725, respectively.

This event gave players the last chance to succeed in the Western New York Poker Challenge 2014, although it helped some players become more successful. For instance, Andy Spears, the winner of the $200 buy-in NL Hold’em Deepstack Turbo, which was held two days back, had won the main event of the Summer Slam Series last August. Moreover, in September, he won the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit ring of his career after winning a $365 buy-in Turbo event.

Ryan Callahan, the tournament’s bubble player, won a cash prize before leaving the game. Once the final table with its nine players was reached, the eliminations were rapid, the first to bust being Cam Bartolotta. When Jason Clarke busted after getting a bad beat in the third position, Donegan and Cos Barillari began their heads-up match with Donegan as the chip leader.

When the last hand was being played, the flop comprising Six of Diamonds, Two of Clubs, and Five of Diamonds forced Barillari to bet all in. At that time, Donegan had a Seven of Spades and a Four of Diamonds while Barillari had a Queen of Diamonds and a Three of Diamonds. While Barillari got a Flush Draw, Donegan got an open ended Straight Draw. The turn with its Three of Clubs helped Donegan complete his Straight Draw. If the river had turned up a Diamond, Barillari would have survived, but unfortunately for him, the river showed a Four of Hearts and Donegan became the champion.